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Kids Defend monitors Facebook social activities by recording text and voice messages, logging keystrokes inputted and capturing screenshots of Facebook chats which happened on the target Android devices. It's useful for those who are wondering whether their kids or employees have inappropriate activities on Facebook or not.
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  • Keystrokes entered in Facebook
  • Sent and received text messages
  • Voice messages
  • Facebook Calls
  • Date and time stamp
  • Contacts
As the most popular social networking site in the world, Facebook has more than 1.86 billion active users until December 13, 2016! At the same time, there are also some security issues on Facebook. In some cases, finding a way of monitoring Facebook remotely becomes the top priority for many parents and business owners.

Although Facebook only allows users aged 13 years old and older to sign up for Facebook accounts, many parents enable their children as young as 10 years old to register Facebook accounts. On one hand, some predators use Facebook as a platform to prey on children. They try to befriend children via Facebook and lure children into meeting in reality. These children may become the victims of violent crimes, such as rape, kidnap and murder.

On the other hand, Facebook is a platform where various information can be shared in public. For instance, pictures and videos of pornography, violence, and threat may be viewed by mentally fragile children, who may get frightened and find it hard to remove the depression.

All these reasons mentioned above push parents to monitor on children's Facebook activities so that they always protect children from potential dangers. Kids Defend app is just what parents need to keep children secure on Facebook by monitoring children's Facebook social activities remotely.

Many employees like to view others' activities on Facebook, such as images of beautiful selfies, vacation and holiday photos, expensive cars, shoes, handbags. Viewing others' activities may make employees dissatisfied with their own life and work. Too much time spent on Facebook also greatly decreases employees' working efficiency. Some irresponsible employees may attempt to contact the competitors and leak confidential business data via Facebook.

In such cases, serious losses may be brought about to the company. To increase employee productivity and catch insider threats, it may be necessary for employers to use some safe and effective monitoring tools to check on employees' Facebook activities on the company-offered devices. Kids Defend helps employers realize the goal of monitoring employees' Facebook activities from all aspects.

You can also use Kids Defend Facebook monitoring feature for your personal use. Do you know how to restore your previous Facebook chat history if you deleted it accidentally? With Kids Defend, you can retrieve your Facebook chat messages whenever you want.