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Kids Defend can help you monitor Telegram messages by logging keystrokes entered, recording text, and voice messages and capturing screenshots in a discreet and tamper-proof mode.
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  • Keystrokes entered in Telegram
  • Sent and received text messages
  • Telegram Voice messages
  • Telegram Calls
  • Date and time stamp
Telegram is known as a simple, fast, secure messaging app which has already possessed over 200 million active users. It is particularly worth mentioning that Telegram provides users with secret chats that use end-to-end encryption to ensure that a message can only be read by its intended recipient. That is why young people are addicted to Telegram chat.

However, good and evil people mix up on the Telegram. It's so complicated a platform for teenagers that they can not tell people apart. Besides, employees may send confidential business files to competitors by Telegram. It's essential for parents and employers to use Kids Defend to recover deleted Telegram Messages and monitor teenagers' or employees' every behavior on Telegram.

Telegram chat is especially popular among teenagers for its powerful and unique feature, secret chat, which gives teenagers enormous freedom to share messages like photos, stickers, and voice messages. But communication with considerable freedom also will cause problems. Sick people may share inappropriate messages like porn, violence, gambling with teenagers. Even more frightening is that many sexual offenders may sneak up to your children when you pay no attention to them. Adolescence is a critical period for the teenager's worldview and values which need accurate guidance and protection.

Kids Defend can help you monitor your kid's Telegram chat history on iPhone or Android phones by logging keystrokes, recording text and voice messages, and capturing screenshots on your children's iOS or Android phone. With Kids Defend's help, parents can spy on all children's actions on Telegram. Nothing can be more important than giving children a clean and healthy Internet environment. Besides, Kids Defend can track your kids' GPS location and log call history. In addition, if you want to prevent your children from indulging in Telegram, you can use Kids Defend to control Telegram or block it to guarantee your kids enough study time.

Now Telegram provides users with an unusual feature, which allows users to transfer files without limitation. Some companies even use Telegram as an office APP. Some lazy and irresponsible employees always use Telegram as their chatting tool to chat with their friends and families. So, in this case, how can employees concentrate on their work? Besides, Telegram's private conversation also provides great convenience for employees to sell corporate secrets. The company's classified information may be sold to its competitors when employers know nothing about it.

It's so significant for employers to use Kids Defend to monitor employee's Telegram on iPhone that the company's profits can be protected from being damaged. Employees will comply with the company's rules and regulations. You can set keywords that are contained in your secret information in Kids Defend in advance. Then once the keywords are entered in Telegram, alert emails will be sent to you immediately. With the help of Kids Defend , You will reduce the loss of the company.

Do you know how to recover your Telegram messages if you deleted them accidentally? Kids Defend Telegram monitoring app is just what you need, and you can use it to restore the Telegram messages you deleted.